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UPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows use cutting edge technology so that you get windows that not only look great but are rigorously tested to exceed the standards for heat retention, weather performance and, with our new Claw Grip feature, more secure than ever. The perfect choice if you’re looking for new or replacement windows for your home.

Our Double glazing is energy-efficient, and we use the best window materials to provide you with the highest quality and security.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows were traditionally made from metal or timber, but now there are so many new options for material. Our range of casement windows are designed to replicate the style which has been seen throughout history whilst offering new standards of security, energy efficiency and style.

Windoors casement windows offer high levels of security and energy efficiency. With stunning designs in modern low maintenance materials, casement windows boast the best quality and peace of mind.

You can choose between a classic casement or flush sash design in a large range of different styles to suit any application, or check out our range of sash windows.

Our casement windows come with double glazing as standard, however you may also wish to explore the triple glazing option.

Here are some of the benefits

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Tilt and Turn Windows

Windoors tilt and turn uPVC windows are one of the versatile of the Windoors windows range. The windows open inwards so you can clean the glass without leaning out, whilst the tilt option provides ventilation without compromising on security. This makes a tilt and turn window a great practical choice for any home.

We have a beautiful range of colours and stains, including uPVC woodgrain finishes, which look like real wood, but without the maintenance. Plus, dual colours with white inside and a second shade on the exterior, in-keeping with both the character of your property and inside décor.

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Sliding Windows

Windoors slim framed sliding Windows system can be used as the slimmest framed opening window system available, maintaining the 21mm vertical framing profile of the sliding glass doors but at the shorter heights of windows.

As there are no issues of feasibility in large opening windows swinging inwards or outwards these sliding windows can be designed and installed at large sizes, enabling large opening elements to windows for uninterrupted views and suitable ventilation.

Even full height windows can be created out of these slim framed sliding windows by integrating a frameless balustrade into the window opening to create a modern Juliette Balcony with slim frames.

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Aluminum Doors & Widows

As a general guide, any public entrance door (one that is not to a private dwelling) should be an aluminium commercial entrance door. Once you install a pvc door in a medium or heavy duty application such as a shop, office block, flats, school, hospital or other “high traffic” installation it is very likely that the door will fail, drop or need persistent adjustment, not to mention the lever handles will quite likely fail as well.

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French Doors & Windows

Create a light and airy segue from home to garden with one of our astonishing French doors. Your external doors don’t need to protect your privacy to the same extent as the front door, thanks to your garden and exterior fencing. Instead, French doors are an attractive option to create the illusion of more space in the home. There’s a wide variety of French patio doors available on the market to suit your personal taste, like aluminium french doors or wooden french doors. Contemporary aluminium french doors complement modern interiors and are designed to be energy efficient. If you prefer a more bohemian look, timber french doors are a classic but stylish design. Other French front and back doors include uPVC french doors, an affordable option that’s easy to maintain. Or consider grey french doors that suit homes with monochromatic interiors.

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